Endotracheal Tube

LMA UK Teleflex

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Brand: Mediflow
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Reinforced Endotracheal Tube


  1. Made of medical grade PVC, clear and smooth.
  2. High volume, low pressure cuff maintains good sealing.
  3. Tube with spiral reinforced wire reducing risk of kinking.


Item No. Size ID (mm) Item No. Size ID (mm)
RET30PC 3.0 RET65PC 6.5
RET35PC 3.5 RET70PC 7.0
RET40PC 4.0 RET75PC 7.5
RET45PC 4.5 RET80PC 8.0
RET50PC 5.0 RET85PC 8.5
RET55PC 5.5 RET90PC 9.0
RET60PC 6.0 RET95PC 9.5


Notes: can be equipped with stylet. Uncuffed type is from ID2.0-ID9.5


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